Sometimes, due to disease, decay, or poor structure combined with the effects of a strong wind, trees can fail causing sudden and immense damage to your home and property. Fortunately, at Darlington we consider ourselves constantly on call, and will seek to make the stress of a tree emergency that much easier by offering safe, efficient, and immediate service.

Maybe you have just moved to a property and want to create more shade in the future, or maybe you have just had a dying tree removed, and you want to have the old tree replaced.

Whatever the situation, we would love to share our tree experience with you and help you choose and install the right tree for your property. We will help you chose the best species and location for your situation and make sure that we plant it according to proper tree planting practices.

Unfortunately, sometimes an assessment by one of our arborists will indicate that the best decision for a tree is to have it removed. While we will always seek to keep a tree if it is a healthy and desirable part of your property, sometimes disease can adversely affect a tree’s health to such an extent that it must be removed. Whatever your tree removal needs, we have the knowledge and equipment to back up our recommendations for your property.

Need that unsightly stump in the middle of your lawn removed? We’ll be happy to come by with one of our stump grinders to grind it below ground level. If you want, we will even replace the sod and soil disturbed by the removal. We have the equipment to remove stumps of any size even in tight or difficult to reach locations.

Have a lot that needs to be cleared for your new house? Fence or hedgerow getting in the way of farming? Or industrial land that’s ready to be cleared for development? We can help. We have the equipment and expertise to do small or largescale clearing and difficult technical clearing under challenging conditions.

Have a private power line that needs trimming and pruning or clearing? Get in touch with our certified utility arborists to get the job done.

We can assist in environmental restoration works for large or small construction projects. Planting trees or reforestation, we can manage sourcing, planting, and maintaining trees on your site.

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